Choosing the right gas supplier for professionals

Each company has different gas needs that must be taken into account when choosing its contract. To have a suitable and tailor-made offer, you have to go to a gas supplier for professionals? But how is it possible to choose it? We explain everything so that you can benefit from the best offer of pro natural gas!

Pro natural gas tariffs

The pro natural gas rate is different depending on the supplier you choose. In your case, he must be specialized in companies in order to be able to make you an adapted offer as Gazprom Energy does. To choose the right gas supplier for professionals and make a good comparison of offers, it is important to know that the price includes: - The cost of the subscription - The price per kWh consumed - Gas transportation and transport. For this part, the price is set by the CRE. - Taxes that include 5.5% VAT, CTA et TICGN. On average, these taxes represent 21% of the gas tariff. Only the price per kWh varies according to your consumption, the others remain fixed. It is all these elements that must be compared to choose your pro natural gas offer.

The modalities of tariff evolution

Your professional gas supplier will tell you the rates that are applied today but it is important that you can anticipate this expense and therefore know how prices will change. As explained on, the price can be: - Regulated tariff: It is then set by the public authorities, which may change it every three months. - At indexed price: It then evolves according to the benchmark index indicated on the contract. The tariff will therefore change like the regulated tariff, but with the level of indexation established in advance. - Fixed price: In this case, the price of pro natural gas remains the same throughout the term of the contract, which can be from one to three years. - Free price: It is the supplier who sets the prices he applies and their evolution. Everything must be indicated in the contract subscribed. It is up to you to see the mode of price evolution that seems most appropriate to you for your situation and to see the suppliers who are able to offer it to you.

Conditions of engagement and termination

Natural gas pro offers are regularly changing as competition rages. It is also important that you can terminate with your supplier without incurring additional costs that you will have to pay. Similarly, you should find out if you have a notice period to follow. And, be vigilant about the duration of your commitment because you will not be able to leave this gas supplier for professional during your contract. Some offer attractive rates but only if you commit to a certain period of time.

The ecological criterion

It is important for more and more companies to show that they care about the environment and to be willing to reduce their ecological footprint. It is then necessary to choose a supplier who offers these pro-carbon offset natural gas contracts. The objective is to enable companies to offset their CO2 emissions by participating in the development of renewable energies, for example. The principle of this green gas is detailed on this page.
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