Power generation

How companies can participate in the regulating energy market

Companies with flexible installations can join together in a control pool and generate additional revenue in the control energy market. To this end, they make their technical installations available so that a company can compensate for fluctuations in electricity on…

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Photovoltaic installation: which type of inverter to choose?

There is nothing more profitable than buying a photovoltaic inverter that is both ecological and economical, without going broke. It should be noted that the sun has become an increasingly popular source of energy for many households in recent years….

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Guide to purchasing equipment for electrical installations

The choice of equipment makes it possible to provide comfort and security in the house. Depending on the type of equipment to be purchased, it is advisable to choose the model adapted to your needs. With this practical guide, find…

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Produce your own electricity at a lower cost

A solar panel kit allows you to obtain electricity with the energy of the sun. Many homeowners are adopting this solution to transform solar energy into electrical energy. From now on, they opt for the solar system for self-consumption. How…

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