Hot water saving

Solar water heater

There are two solar water heating technologies: Solar thermal energy Thermodynamic solar energy Solar thermal technology Solar thermal energy is the transformation of solar radiation into thermal energy. This transformation is used directly (to heat a building for example). The…

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Thermodynamic balloon: what is it?

A thermodynamic storage tank is a heat pump in one piece. It is a thermodynamic device that transfers heat from the garage or the outside to the water contained in the tank. The thermodynamic cycle The evaporator: heat is extracted…

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Gas boiler installation: a solution to save hot water

Older gas boiler models may no longer be as efficient as before and with the latest technological innovations, it is strongly recommended to opt for newer and more efficient models. This will allow you to make significant energy savings on…

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What is the energy saving solutions adapted to your home?

Energy expenditure is among the highest in the month-end invoice. Nevertheless, there are various solutions to reduce consumption and save energy. Some of the most effective solutions will be discussed in this article. Good management of the heating system Heating…

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