Gas boiler installation: a solution to save hot water

Older gas boiler models may no longer be as efficient as before and with the latest technological innovations, it is strongly recommended to opt for newer and more efficient models. This will allow you to make significant energy savings on your energy bill.

Replace your old device to save money

After 10 to 15 years of use, gas boilers tend to lose their efficiency. Heating becomes less efficient and hot water has difficulty circulating through the pipes. This phenomenon can be exacerbated if your heating and domestic hot water equipment is aging. The first reflex to have is to change the boiler. Thanks to the technological advances made in recent years in the field of the environment, the replacement of gas boilers makes it possible to make considerable energy savings compared to older models. With the right equipment, you can save hot water in your home and thus significantly reduce your energy bill. If you want a fast gas boiler installation, you must call on professionals in the sector who will be able to advise you and give you information on the financing of your work.

Financial assistance for boiler replacement

As part of the Law on Energy Transition for Green Growth, the State and certain organisations have set up financial aid to encourage and help you to carry out energy renovation work in your home. The heating system is one of the expenses eligible for this aid. For a boiler installation, you may be eligible for several grants if you meet the criteria for allocating the amounts allocated. Whatever your income, you can claim the tax credit for the energy transition (30% of the amount of the boiler refunded as a tax benefit), the energy bonus issued by energy suppliers and the reduced VAT rate of 5.5% on the purchase of equipment. Under resource conditions, you may also be entitled to assistance from the ANAH (National Housing Agency) depending on where you live and the work you plan. All these aids have only one condition in common: to use an approved professional.

Choose the right professional for the work

To install a gas boiler, you must turn to professionals with sufficient skills. But to be able to benefit from the financial aid allocated by the government, you must respect one more criterion: use professionals with the EGR label (recognized as guarantor of the environment). This label is awarded by independent organisations such as Qualibat to companies that have been trained in energy renovation techniques to achieve a certain level of performance. The awarding of this certification is strictly controlled and the list of RGE craftsmen is available on the government's dedicated website. By using an EGR craftsman, you ensure a quality service and a controlled price. Before requesting any quotations, you should contact the granting agencies to find out more about how they will be awarded. Once you know more about the financial assistance to which you are entitled as part of your renovation work, do not hesitate to have several quotes prepared by RGE companies.
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