Solar water heater

There are two solar water heating technologies:
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Thermodynamic solar energy

Solar thermal technology

Solar thermal energy is the transformation of solar radiation into thermal energy. This transformation is used directly (to heat a building for example). The fundamental principle applied is to capture the energy of visible light through a black body. On the scale of an individual or collective dwelling, it is possible to install a solar water heater: these are glazed collectors usually installed on the roof, in which a heat transfer fluid heated by solar radiation circulates which then transfers the heat to a water tank. This process makes it possible to cover between 50% and 70% of the annual hot water needs (in France), and to possibly provide additional heating.

Thermodynamic solar technology

Solar thermal energy is collected by collectors and used by a heat pump to recover available calories. The solar panel also captures calories from the ambient air ( for more information on how a heat pump works, see how an Air / Water heat pump works) Thermodynamic solar energy consists of a solar panel connected to a storage tank by a connection containing a refrigerant. The balloon is replaced by a thermodynamic system that recovers the calories transmitted by the fluid. The panel can be placed on the roof or on the facade.

The benefits include

  • The solar water heater is a very efficient product that allows you to recover free energy through the use of the sun's heat
This totally ecological process has proven its worth for more than 30 years and the figures prove it:
  • From 50 to 100% coverage of the domestic hot water requirement.
  • 70% savings on the domestic hot water budget (compared to an electric storage tank)
  • 100% renewable energy to make an ecological choice.
  • 0% greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improved energy performance diagnosis
  • Total comfort and well-being for your family
  • More than 30,000 installations per year
  • Support and assistance available
This product is eligible for the tax credit (2012: 32% alone and 40% in work packages). This product is also eligible for Eco-PTZ (zero interest loan), if installed as a work package. For example: if you install a heat pump with attic insulation or with a solar water heater. You can combine the two grants if your income does not exceed 30,000 € per year.

The most recognized ranges

Simple, robust and market-recognized solutions provided by: From Dietrich. All configurations are possible:
  • Electrical or hydraulic connection
  • Roof integration or over-taxation
New: the Solen solar water heater, it captures the heat present in the environment (rain, wind, sun......) and returns it to the thermosol block that heats the water in the tank. Ecological, design and economical, it operates 24/24 360 days a year. Of Dietrich inisiol-4 and 6m² of capeteurs-balloon300-500I

Free hot water

With the sun, you cover a large part of your family's hot water needs for free. Solar energy is collected and converted into heat using thermal solar collectors. These heat a heat transfer fluid that circulates in the tubes and heats the hot domestic water. Everywhere in France, solar radiation is sufficient to operate an installation.
  • Up to 60% free hot water over 1 year.
  • Foamed balloon for better insulation. (thickness 50mm)
  • Significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

The comfort that lasts

Inisol ensures you a quality and abundant supply of domestic hot water for a long time.
  • Large volume of hot water available with Inisol Uno 200,300, 400 and 500 litres to meet all needs.
  • High flow rate of up to 335 litres over 10 minutes.
  • Pure water thanks to the enamelling of the high quartz content balloon.
  • Long-lasting protection of the tank by a magnesium anode.

Aesthetics and safety

Extremely flat (70mm) equipped with black clips, the Inisol neo sensor is unique.
  • Optimized to facilitate its implementation in all cases: on the roof, in roof integration, on the terrace.
  • Slightly structured solar glass with a guarantee thickness of 4mm.
  • Very resistant aluminium frame giving Inisol neo a neat design.

An intelligent system

Integrated in the solar station or in wall mounting, Diemasol A guarantees you an intelligent and completely autonomous control of your installation.
  • Solar energy recovery optimized according to the intensity of the sunshine.
  • Very easy to use, display of the water temperature of the preparation unit, the collector temperature and the solar energy recovered in kWh.
  • Overheating safety for summer absences.
  • Perfect installation, anywhere
  • De Dietrich designed Inisol to simplify its installation.
  • Quick assembly of the Inisol Uno preparation unit and solar station.
  • Carefully designed and easy to install for Inisol Duo systems, which are pre-equipped in the factory?
  • Easy integration of the Neo sensor with short installation time.
  • Hydraulic or electrical support depending on the installation: existing boiler or electrical system.
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