Heating savings

How to replace the insert glass yourself?

Two cases can lead you to replace the chimney insert glass, either it has broken or it is completely cracked. If you use a professional, you will probably save time. However, carrying out the repair work yourself is much more…

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Inertial heating: why choose a model with casters

There are several types of electric heaters on the market. These include dry inertia radiators made of solid materials such as ceramics, cast iron or aluminium. These models are the ones that store the most heat. The other type of…

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Wood pellet stoves: An ecological and economical way to heat your home

For more heat and savings in every home, the wood pellet stove is the solution. Generally, it has a low humidity level, which allows more heat to be supplied. It is a touch of modernization in your interior with the…

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Why choosing a wood stove?

Nowadays, more and more emphasis is being placed on the use of renewable energy appliances to run a household. Heating equipment is no exception to this rule. Also, the wood stove is currently generating a great deal of interest among…

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