Wood pellet stoves: An ecological and economical way to heat your home

For more heat and savings in every home, the wood pellet stove is the solution. Generally, it has a low humidity level, which allows more heat to be supplied. It is a touch of modernization in your interior with the wide range of choices of its style. The pellet stove is an economical and efficient wood heating system.

A lot of heat, less expense

Initiating a study in Europe in the 1980s, its inventor Dr. Jerry Whitfiel looked for ways to establish an economical, ecological and renewable source of energy. The term "granules" means "pellets" or in Latin "pila". Cylindrical in shape with a diameter of 6 or 8 mm and a length of 3.6 cm, this little wood performs miracles. During the first exhibition of this designer wood stove, more than 10,000 fireplaces were conquered. To date, it is highly recommended in the world. As for the delivery and availability of stocks, the number of producers is increasing day by day; less risk of not finding the wood and pellets to use. Tailgate trucks and pallet trucks handle the delivery of bagged pellets while blower trucks, dedicated to the transport of dry materials, handle bulk delivery.

Several choices adapted to each interior style

Countless models have been designed to adapt to each surface area. It also depends on the performance desired by customers in terms of the degree of heat and the number of rooms to be heated. The insulation of the house concerned also plays a major role in the location of the wood stove. Admittedly, this seems difficult at first, but once you have found the ideal place and checked the insulation of the building, the rest will be done automatically. The developers of this technology make several ranges available to their consumers. There are the cheapest and also the most expensive products. Different sizes and colours are also available. Pellet stoves may or may not have fans, but they may also be hydro or have ducted vents.

Economic and ecological in the strict sense of the word

Pellet stoves are very environmentally friendly. Since they do not use electricity, there is one less expense for its consumers. For the ecological part, they do not harm the environment. Supplied from the recycling of sawyers in the wood industries, they both protect the environment and limit waste. Apart from its efficiency of more than 80%, its use does not present any danger to the earth and has no effect on global warming. On the price side, they certainly require financial investment at the beginning, but over time, however, used raw materials are very durable. It is an economical and affordable heating system for anyone who wants a warmer home. This designer wood stove offers an affordable price and comforting warmth, they bring life to the fireplaces that use it.
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