Why choosing a wood stove?

Nowadays, more and more emphasis is being placed on the use of renewable energy appliances to run a household. Heating equipment is no exception to this rule. Also, the wood stove is currently generating a great deal of interest among consumers. But why choose a wood stove?

Get a better thermal performance with the wood stove

Heating equipment that uses renewable energy is currently available in a wide range of models. However, the wood stove stands out from the crowd thanks to its very interesting thermal efficiency. This device helps to minimize heat loss in a home. Its efficiency is around 85%. You can choose between a classic cast iron and steel log stove, a mass wood stove, a pellet stove, a turbo wood stove or an afterburner. Each one of this equipment has its own characteristics, click here to learn more. However, all of them have a better thermal performance compared to fossil fuel or non-renewable energy heating equipment. They will allow you to enjoy unequalled comfort in your home. The latest generation wood stoves are easy to use, which will save you the famous chore of old-fashioned woodwork. The accompanying fuels, usually sold ready for use in bags, whether logs, pellets or densities logs, can be stored easily. To start using your wood stove, simply charge it and program the required power. This equipment operates automatically.

To enjoy an economical equipment

The wooden stove is also intended to be a less energy consuming appliance. With this equipment, combustion takes some time, which means that it consumes less wood than its counterparts. Moreover, the fuel used, wood, is much more affordable than electricity, for example. Manufacturers continue to offer increasingly energy and environmental efficient products. The installation of this type of equipment is also less expensive. You can use it as a main or auxiliary heater, depending on your needs. If the wood stove is so popular, it is because it can give you a tax credit when you buy it. Of course, certain criteria must be respected to be eligible for the latter. You will also need to use a qualified EGR professional craftsperson to install your heating equipment. The latter must be installed in your main residence, and the end of the construction must be more than two years old.

The wood stove: an aesthetic equipment

If you dream of a warm fireplace, you will be right to choose a wood stove. Just like the log stove, it will create a friendly and enveloping atmosphere in the house. Wood stove manufacturers are constantly using their imagination to offer consumers models that are increasingly in tune with the latest trends. Thus, while some are more sober and discreet, others have very assertive looks. The wood stove fits perfectly into any type of interior decoration. You will have no trouble installing one in your home. It will thus find its place in both a rustic and contemporary interior. To further optimize your space, you can hang it on the wall. A floor installation is also possible. The styles available on the market are designed to adapt to all spaces and correspond to everyone's tastes.
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