Thermodynamic balloon: what is it?

A thermodynamic storage tank is a heat pump in one piece. It is a thermodynamic device that transfers heat from the garage or the outside to the water contained in the tank.

The thermodynamic cycle

  • The evaporator: heat is extracted from the outside air to vaporize the refrigerant.
  • The compressor: driven by an electric motor, it raises the pressure and temperature of the gaseous refrigerant by compressing it
  • The condenser: the refrigerant releases its heat to the secondary fluid (the water in the storage tank) by changing from a gaseous to a liquid state,
  • The expansion valve: it reduces the pressure of the refrigerant in the liquid phase.

The thermodynamic balloon

The thermodynamic balloon is the replacement for the electric balloon. Since the power required is much less important than for heating, the thermodynamic storage tank is much more compact than a conventional heat pump: it is made up of a single block, a storage tank that has been replaced by the thermodynamic system. It can be installed in a garage, boiler room or laundry room. Depending on the layout of the room, the balloon exchanges with the room or with the outside, and is then connected to the outside air using blowing ducts.

The benefits include

The thermodynamic cylinder is a very efficient product that allows you to produce your domestic hot water in an economic and ecological way. This totally ecological process has proven its worth for more than 30 years and the figures prove it: - 70% savings compared to your old electric balloon. - 100% renewable energy to make an ecological choice. - 0% greenhouse gas emissions - A total comfort and well-being for your family: more than 250 litres of hot water available for the whole family renewed in 3 hours.

The most recognized ranges


Aquanext hats

With Aquanext, economical, ecological and easy to install, choose today the solution of tomorrow. Aquanext is the solution that combines performance and reliability with respect for the environment.


ODYSSÉE 2 is a one-piece unit that uses the calories from the ambient air through its Heat Pump (HPC) unit to heat water. Its 270-litre capacity meets the domestic hot water needs of a family of 1 to 6 people. Quiet and economical, the ODYSSÉE meets the highest energy and environmental performance standards.


The Daikin thermodynamic storage tank is a practical and efficient solution for heating your domestic hot water while saving money and protecting the environment.
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