Produce your own electricity at a lower cost

A solar panel kit allows you to obtain electricity with the energy of the sun. Many homeowners are adopting this solution to transform solar energy into electrical energy. From now on, they opt for the solar system for self-consumption.

How does a self-consumption solar kit work?

The purpose of the self-consumption solar kit is to provide electrical energy with photovoltaic solar panels and send it to the house to supply electricity to current consumers. This reduces the amount of electricity purchased on the grid. As the EDF network must exist for this installation, there is no question of autonomy. This self-consumption solar kit is not related to the autonomous solar system or kit. Then, when the photovoltaic solar panel is exposed to the sun's rays, it can provide direct current. You must use a grid inverter to transform this energy obtained so that it adapts to the grid, because the current coming from the grid is alternating in the house. Once the energy from the solar panel is transformed, it is sent directly to the electrical energy distribution table of the house for consumption. The excess will be lost to the owner when he or she returns to the grid if the production of solar energy is not less than the consumption and if it is not stored. So it is important to use battery storage so that the electrical energy that is fed back into the grid is not consumed by the neighbourhood and will not increase the energy share of the energy supplier. During the power failure, this makes it possible to take advantage of solar energy. This is due to the fact that some grid inverters that comply with the VDE0126 standard can automatically disconnect in order to stop solar energy production. So if you do not use batteries in the event of a power outage due to the grid supply, you cannot take advantage of the sun's energy. In France, grid inverters comply with the applicable standards.

The generality of the solar kit

The purpose of the photovoltaic kit is to produce electricity with solar rays. This consists of photovoltaic solar panels used to capture sunlight and convert it into direct current. It also consists of an inverter or converter that is used to transform direct current into alternating current. The solar panel is the most widespread renewable energy production system. From now on, it is possible to buy a kit to use the energy supplied by the sun to obtain renewable electrical energy. In addition to this, a solar kit includes a battery to store renewable energy. But it must be delivered with a mounting structure to install it. However, to ensure that your solar kit works optimally, you must ensure that the solar panels are properly oriented, taking into account the sun's contributions. Then, it allows them to optimally capture the solar energy and send it to the battery for storage. Afterwards, this stored solar energy will be converted into renewable electricity to cover your electricity needs.

The advantages of installing a grid-connected self-consumption solar system

Adopting the solar system for self-consumption is an economic and ecological solution. This allows you to take advantage of some considerable advantages. It offers increased profitability as the price of electrical energy is constantly rising. Indeed, the use of solar panels is a perfect solution to provide electrical energy from the sun's energy. All those who choose this approach have the opportunity to benefit from some important advantages. However, the solar installation connected to the grid with resale of the kWh is more important. It is not only an ecological solution. It can hold financial investments. This one offers considerable advantages. Then, during the day, you can save energy on the energy consumption of the house, because solar panels need sunlight to capture and provide energy. It is preferable to use batteries to store solar energy. The self-consumption system has a very high viability as long as the energy consumption increases during the day. You can increase the amount of energy consumed by yourself through buffer storage and batteries. During a power outage or during cloudy periods in order to secure priority devices, the solar energy surplus is restored in the morning and evening, because it will be stored in the batteries and cannot be consumed. However, you are required to declare this installation to your energy supplier.

Why use a solar panel kit?

A solar kit is a perfect solution for producing electrical energy from solar energy. It is both ecological and economical. It is possible to produce energy according to your needs in a solar installation. This gives you the opportunity to make significant savings. You are no longer required to pay an electricity bill. All you have to do is choose a solar kit. The photovoltaic installation allows you to produce your own electricity. Opting for a solar kit allows you to enjoy some important advantages. This is an ecological, economical and practical solution. However, the power of the latter determines the characteristics of the kits. With solar panels, batteries and a voltage converter, you have the opportunity to use renewable energy. The photovoltaic installation allows you to produce and store it to power your domestic appliances. But it is still necessary to choose your solar kit according to your needs.

Some tips for obtaining electrical energy with solar energy

First, to produce electrical energy with solar rays, you must expose your solar panels to the sun so that they can capture sunlight. In general, the solar panel kit must include a solar or charge controller. This device is used to transmit the solar energy captured by the panels to the batteries as required. As far as the storage of the electrical energy produced is concerned, it will be stored in batteries. But the voltage conversion must be done in order to use renewable energy. Therefore, you must use a voltage converter or a photovoltaic inverter. This device connects to the batteries to supply the domestic electricity circuit. However, to avoid overheating, you must separate the batteries a few centimetres. Similarly, it is necessary to examine the connections on a regular basis. You can use adequate electrical protection to protect positive electrical cables. In addition, to avoid energy loss, it is important to reduce the length of the cables used to connect the installation elements. You can call on the professional; he is able to offer you the best solar kits for self-consumption.
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