Guide to purchasing equipment for electrical installations

Published on : 25 June 20203 min reading time

The choice of equipment makes it possible to provide comfort and security in the house. Depending on the type of equipment to be purchased, it is advisable to choose the model adapted to your needs. With this practical guide, find the right equipment for your electrical system according to the use and type of installation.

Power supply equipment

Depending on the installation work to be carried out, you will need to assemble some equipment for the power supply. These elements include the grounding strip, main power cable, grounding cable, connecting whip, control panel, insulated flange wiring ends and circuit breaker. The latter switches off the circuit in the case of an overvoltage, it could be caused by a short circuit or overheating of electrical cables when connecting a powerful device. There are several types of circuit-breakers, namely magnetic, thermal, magneto-thermic, electronic and differential magneto-thermic models.

Many criteria are to be taken into account when choosing the equipment for power supply. Compliance with safety standards is one of the criteria to consider when securing the system, the home and people. The characteristics of the network, in particular frequency and voltage, must also be taken into account. The environment in which the electrical system is located is also a parameter not to be overlooked.

Equipment for network distribution

For network distribution, you need an empty ICTA sheath, H07V-U electrical wire, junction box, DCL box for luminaires and flush-mounted box. Depending on the case, a circulation trunking could be useful. This part is essential for a complex installation. It is used to hide unsightly threads. For a good security of the premises, it is advisable to choose a trunking adapted to the workstation. To do this, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the site. Avoid models that are too short. Please note that it is possible to cut the trunking to the desired dimensions. The number and capacity of compartments are also factors to consider. Make sure they are large enough to collect the cables.

In addition, the use of mouldings is necessary for some cabling work. This part must have the right width. To do this, simply refer to the colour code. This determines the compatibility of the equipment.

Advice on choosing electrical equipment

Whether for construction or renovation work, the installation of safe electrical installations is essential. To be sure that parts and components of electrical equipment are in compliance, you can rely on brands. The brand’s reputation is a guarantee of product quality. By optimizing your searches, you will probably find good deals on the Internet. For the same part sold in a physical store, you can sometimes get a price reduction by buying online. This saves you money. In any case, the electrical equipment advice of a professional is always necessary. So, if you are a novice, don’t hesitate to get advice from a real expert before buying.

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