Ecological packs : what are they?

The Eco packs are based on energy management techniques by combining them. First step: work on the building envelope by reinforcing the insulation. The available solutions are the insulation of attics, walls and windows. The implementation of this work allows an immediate reduction in the building's energy needs. The best energy is the one you don't consume. Step two: install a high-performance heating system. The sobriety of the buildings makes it possible to install new low-energy systems based on renewable energies such as heat pumps. These systems have very low levels of primary energy consumption and therefore ensure consumption savings. Third step: install a renewable energy-based hot water production solution. The installation of a solar thermal system or thermodynamic storage tank completes the system. Just like a heat pump for heating, it is possible to produce hot water at reduced costs. Fourth step: achieve energy autonomy. Photovoltaic and residential wind turbines provide you with an autonomous source of electricity production.  
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