Frequent failures of a generator set

Being completely autonomous to produce electricity, a generator can be extremely useful in many situations. However, when it comes to identifying and repairing a failure, we realize that this device is more complex than we thought. But you don't have to call a specialist every time. It is essential to learn about the main failures of generators.

The engine refuses to start

If the engine does not start, this can be caused by various reasons. In general this is due to the lack of fuel in the tank. Always check it before turning on the device. It also happens that we bother to call a technician (and therefore pay him), when we just forgot to turn on the fuel tap. Indeed, even if the tank is full, the generator set will not start if the tap is closed. Also check the start contact (ON to turn on and OFF to turn off, it's easy). It is also important to check the oil. A failure at this level can prevent the engine from starting. Take a look at the differential circuit breaker and make sure it is set to ON. It is automatically activated after a short circuit or isolation of the device. Sometimes we forget to reposition it to ON. A reason that can also cause the motor to refuse to operate is a failure of the overvoltage fuse. It must be replaced regularly: it is a rule to be written into your routines. If after all these checks, the engine does not always start, it may be necessary to consider buying a new one.

The motor starts, but there is still no power.

It is common for the motor to run without the generator producing electricity. There are several possible reasons for this. First of all, always make sure that the circuit breaker is ON. In many cases, the failure is caused by the failure of the overvoltage fuse. Feel free to replace it. Also, make sure that the electrical generator is properly connected. It may be that a safety device prevents the connection to earth. In the worst case, it is the generator itself that needs to be replaced.

What if the engine has started properly, and so has the generator, but the device stops suddenly?

The engine has started and so has the generator. What if after that, the generator stops unexpectedly during the journey? Here are the checks you can perform. See if there is any fuel left in the tank. Make sure that the oil level is sufficient. To do this, the oil safety device must be activated. It is only the latter that can tell you that the oil level is missing. In the event of a short circuit causing the earth leakage circuit breaker to trip, remember to reposition it after completing repairs.  That being said, it is necessary to accept the fact that the failure is not detected. If you have done all these checks and still do not see where the problem is coming from, it is strongly recommended to consult a professional to avoid complications.
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