How to save energy?

Published on : 25 June 20203 min reading time

There are many solutions available to reduce electricity consumption at home. They seem simple and minimal, but as you practice them, they will lower your electricity bill. How can you reduce your electricity consumption? Discover some energy saving tips in this article.

Reduce the energy consumption of heaters and hot water storage tanks

Hot water and home heating account for 75% of a household’s energy consumption. It is important to reduce this energy expenditure if you want to save energy at home. To do this, consider renovating the thermal insulation of your home. Carry out an energy renovation if necessary. This consists of carrying out energy work to improve the overall energy efficiency of the habitat. These works can be various: insulation of the roof, walls, replacement of the heater, bulbs, replacement of windows. In the case of a condominium property, the energy renovation of the condominium is based on the trade union council.

To reduce energy consumption, also set the heating temperature to the correct value. To reduce electricity bill costs, the temperature of the hot water tank should not exceed 60°C. Then, opt for a shower and not a bath, it’s more economical. More hot water is required in the bath than in the shower.

The right actions in the kitchen to reduce energy consumption

7% of the house’s energy consumption is used for cooking. To avoid wasting energy, it is preferable to use a suitable cooking plate. Models that tend to heat faster will save you about 30% in energy costs. Also remember to always cover your pots and pans when they are on the stove.

Then use a less energy consuming kettle and heat your dishes in a microwave. To cook your vegetables, a pressure cooker is much more economical than a saucepan. For short cooking times, induction cooking is more convenient and economical. Finally, if you are a fan of baking, the models with a rotating heat can reduce your energy consumption.

Adopt good habits every day

There are also other habits that can significantly reduce your energy consumption. Did you know that washing machines account for more than 33% of a household’s energy costs? You can therefore dry your clothes outdoors if you want to save energy. If your machine is equipped with a humidity sensor, you can stop it at a certain humidity level.

Also use more energy-efficient multimedia devices such as LCD TVs or laptops if you have to work from home. Finally, remember to unplug all your devices before going to bed, because even if they are off, they continue to use energy in standby mode.


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